You can download AutophagyNet data here.
The Autophagyregulation (ARN 1.0) webpage is temporarly unavailable.
You can download the full ARN 1.0 database in TSV format from this link or in Cytoscape format from here.

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Please select the component layers you wish to include in your download. Please be advised that all downloads will include the layer of pathway members.This MUST remain in your selection of layers!

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Signaling by B cell receptor
G-protein-coupled receptors
Signaling by Hedgehog
Signaling by Hippo
Innate immune pathways
Janus Activating Kinase / Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription
Signaling by NOTCH
Signaling by T cell receptor
Signaling by Transforming Growth Factor beta
Toll-Like Receptor signaling
Signaling by Tumor necrosis factor
Signaling by Nuclear hormone receptor
Rho GTPase
Signaling by Receptor tyrosine kinase
Signaling by WNT

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Download AutophagyNet

If you do not wish to filter AutophagyNet but would prefer to download the entire database, please fill in the form below and hit the button. Or you can download only the nodes from the database in TSV format from here.