an integrated resource to analyze regulatory network of autophagy proteins


AutophagyNet is an autophagy-focused network resource to aid omics analysis and experiment planning. Main features:

  • A manually curated dataset of autophagy components and their interactions
  • Integrated resource with known protein regulators of autophagy from large-scale databases
  • Contains experimentally verified transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulators (i.e., transcription factors, miRNA and lncRNA) of autophagy and its protein regulators
  • Links all autophagy components and regulators to major signaling pathways based on SignaLink3
  • Annotations on tissue expression and subcellular localization of proteins allow for creating tissues specific networks
  • Core proteins annotated with type of autophagy (i.e.: xenophagy, mitophagy) and phase of autophagy (i.e.: initiation, termination)
  • Can be downloaded in a customizable way and a variety of formats (i.e.: PSI-MI, CSV, Cytoscape)

With AutophagyNet, You can

  • Browse interactions of autophagy proteins and their regulators
  • Select transcriptional, post- transcriptional and post translational regulators of autophagy proteins
  • Download autophagy-specific information tailored to you research in several formats
  • Create tissue-specific or autophagy-type specific networks
  • Model tissue- or disease-specific autophagy regulation by merging AutophagyNet with expression or other omics data
  • Discover novel autophagy drug target candidates


Autophagy core30634
Direct regulators (PPI)4,1631,149
Post-translational modification23,1523,860
Pathway connection with SLK19,2674,580
Transcription factors160,661829
PathwaysWNT/Wingless, TGF, JAK/STAT, Notch, RTK, TCR, BCR, TLR, IIP, NHR, Rho/Cytoskeleton, GPCR, HIPPO, HH, TNF/Apoptosis

How to cite AutophagyNet

AutophagyNet: high-resolution data source for the analysis of autophagy and its regulation (2023). Luca Csabai, Balázs Bohár, Dénes Türei, Sowmya Prabhu, László Földvári-Nagy, Matthew Madgwick, Dávid Fazekas, Dezső Módos, Márton Ölbei, Themis Halka, Martina Poletti, Polina Kornilova, Tamás Kadlecsik, Amanda Demeter, Máté Szalay-Bekő, Orsolya Kapuy, Katalin Lenti, Tibor Vellai, Lejla Gul & Tamás Korcsmáros

Autophagy Regulatory Network – a systems-level bioinformatics resource for studying autophagy components and their regulation (2015).Türei D, Földvári-Nagy L, Fazekas D, Módos D, Kubisch J, Kadlecsik T, Demeter A, Lenti K, Csermely P, Vellai T, Korcsmáros T.
The Autophagyregulation (ARN 1.0) website is temporary unavailable. The old database is still available on the Download page.